Three Extra Steps to Theme Destination Wedding Success

Three Extra Steps to Theme Destination Wedding Success
Planning a theme destination wedding has the capacity to be even more stressful than having your big day held at a local venue. In addition to the obvious steps of preparing for the ceremony and reception, you need to take extra steps to ensure your event is a success. Do not become so set on your ″perfect day″ you let little or big things ruin your memory. Even the mishaps will become part of your love story. So, plan accordingly for things to go slightly off kilter.

Plan for the Weather 

A theme wedding, especially if is outdoors, is dependent on the right surroundings to make it all come together. So, obviously you have to plan for the weather. Take it a step further by ensuring there is contingencies in place for all types of weather you could be facing. For example, if you are having anoutdoor beach theme wedding or hippie-themed ceremony, set up tents for coverage against rain with designs corresponding to your other outdoor decorations, such as seashells or peace signs. Even if your wedding isn't outdoors, you must plan for the temperatures you'll be facing to get to the venue. For example, add thicker capes for a Renaissance wedding party to wear for any pictures in front of the chapel. With these tips, you'll be comfortably protected from the elements and still have pictures complementing your theme.

Check Out Other Events 

Along with planning ahead for the weather, other tips include to make sure to check out any major events taking place on the same date as your destination wedding. This will effect other aspects, such as parking spots, available hotel rooms for last minute guests, time delays because of traffic, and other dilemmas you may have not even thought of until now. For example, if there is a major Independence Day parade or bike rally going on in town during your patriotic wedding ceremony orbiker themed reception, you may have to deal with extra noise during the day, as well as fireworks and shenanigans being heard during your reception at night. Even if there is nothing you can do to change certain annoyances on your big day, it is better to be prepared ahead of time knowing you will have to deal with them.

Arrange for Backup Supplies 

One of the major concerns about planning a theme destination wedding is your supplies not reaching the venue in time. Unless you have ordered everything from local vendors in the town you are having the ceremony in, you may be faced with lost or damaged packages. One of the major tips is to always have a backup plan. For example, if you are having a fairy-themed wedding, do not let the bridesmaids check their wings with their baggage. Have important things, such as tiaras, be packed in carry-on luggage. You can always get shampoo and other toiletries after you check into the hotel, while some items cannot be replaced in time for the ceremony. Call ahead to local shops to see what is in stock, and have a map and list ready in case you need to send someone for last minute items.

So, whether you are planning an indoor tropical reception in the winter or a jungle-themed ceremonyin the tropics, keep these destination wedding planning tips in mind to keep from losing your mind in the process.
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