How to Make Money From Home With Your Garden

How to Make Money From Home With Your Garden
Many people who are looking to make money from home never think of making money from their backyard. Locally grown foods are still in demand, even more so, with the rise of the organic food movement. Gardeners can reap the profits from this hobby, by creating products and using their skills right from scratch.
1. Craft supplies. While you may be thinking of making products with the things in your garden, many hobbyists and craft enthusiasts may be, too. Lots of people love making their own things at home, like soaps, candles and other green household supplies. These people may be looking for things that you produce in your garden. Have a look online and see what people are interested in making and provide them with the supplies.
2. Essential oils. This is a big business for home gardeners. Many people use essential oils for aromatherapy, ailments, and even crafts. You can't usually find this in your local grocery store, so people flock to online retailers that sell them. The process requires a great deal of work for major companies to produce, so there aren't many sellers. This is a great market that any herbalist can get into.
3. Tea manufacturing. If you notice, many tea companies started very, very small and grew their way up. This is a great start up for the at-home herbalist. Many herbs that go into teas can be grown right from your back yard. You can find ways to sell them online, if your municipality allows or you can distribute them to companies. Many people are looking for organically grown foods and this demand can be easily met by the home based herbalist.
4. Farmer's markets. While this may not be entirely from home, many small growers have found much success growing produce and herbs from their backyard and selling them locally. Buyers love it, too. The demand for locally grown food has increased and it's quite a low-cost way to set up. Ask your city for information on farmer's markets and their costs to participate.
5. Instructions. Some say, those who can't do teach. So if you're not interested in just gardening, you may be able to sell your information. Many seasoned gardeners make money by writing books, making videos, and even holding classes at local schools. This can be a great way to use what you know to to make money.
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